Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Snakes on Planes or Windshields or Wherever

 If you are a fan of snakes, please don't read this post.  If you do, don't say you weren't warned!

So, if you are an internet junky like me you have probably already seen this video making the rounds.  If not, here it is for your viewing pleasure.

Internety reports have it that the apparently the snake curled up around the engine of the car during the night and then came out the next day when Mom, Dad, and the kids were driving 65 mph down a highway near Memphis.

Now I don't know about you, but is I was driving and a large snake appeared on my windshield I probably would have caused a multi-car pile up when I went completely hysterical!

What has amazed me is the number of commenters on the internet  who seem to feel that the family of four were cruel to the snake.  One commenter said that the Dad was mistaken in his assessment that the snake was a water moccasin.  That, in reality, the snake was a harmless rat snake.  When someone questioner her as to how she new this she replied that she had googled it and the markings on the snake pointed to it being a rat snake.

Did she really want the Dad to google markings on snakes and compare them and make an accurate determination of the kind of snake  WHILE TRAVELING 65 MPH WITH THE SNAKE ON THE WINDSHIELD!!! 

Another said that the driver should have pulled over and get a stick and lift the snake from the car and release it to play with the bunnies and birds. (Okay, that last part was my sarcasm coming through).  First of all, she has to find a safe place to pull over and hope there is a large stick lying helpfully on the ground.  Not happening.

One commented that she worried about the mental state of the snake.  How scared he must of been when he realized what was happening. WHAT??

In my opinion, and since it is my blog I get to say my opinion, the driver did a remarkable job keeping her cool and not wrecking the vehicle.  The children don't seem overly traumatized by the event, perhaps because the parents keep some semblance of calm.  In fact, you can hear the little ones saying,"Snakey, snakey". And while I realize that snakes are a valuable part of the environment and perform their part in the food chain, they really have no place on a windshield of a car traveling 65 mph on a highway.   The parents were correct in taking care of their children first and worrying about the snake second.

And any snakes out there reading this blog, stay off windshields!

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