Monday, August 29, 2011

Weekend Round Up

This last weekend was a whirl of activity around the ole' Champion homestead!

On Friday night, Danny and I did some shopping for him, an activity that he would rather have a root canal than do.  If he would just resign himself to the fact that he is my great big Ken doll and just roll with it, the whole process would be much easier.  But no, he always looks likes he is looking into the veritable gates of hell when we arrive at a mall. But we did manage to acquire a new Hawaiian shirt, running shorts, and vitamins with no casualties.

After shopping we went and ate a bite of Mexican food.  There is nothing better than Mexican food in the Mesilla Valley.   Add a little Hatch green chili to it and it is the same as manna from heaven.

Saturday, Danny rode his bike for thirty something miles and I sat in my newly refrigerated air conditioned house and read The Help.  I had been saving reading the book to read until we had seen the movie.  I am always disappointed in movies if I read the book first so I purposely delayed my reading.

And just let me say, it was worth the wait.

I then made Danny he traditional Saturday night pepperoni pizza but this time I added some of that fresh Hatch chili.  I was grocery shopping and the smell of roasting chili reached my nose.

Danny and I won't use the huge gunny sacks full of chili but this particular store is aware of two member families like ours.  They had small bags already roasted so I purchased one and added it to Danny's pizza.  He loved it.

Sunday we went to church and the potluck after services. Chicken, casseroles, and desserts to die for. Just let me say that there is nothing better than dishes prepared by Christian women!  Can I get an amen?

Sunday evening we went out with friends to celebrate one of the group's birthday.  Laughter and good food are always fun. Danny and I laughed and celebrated but had to pass on the movie after dinner.  Memaw and Pepaw had to drive their Hover Rounds home and go to bed early.  You know how when you get older you need more sleep.

And after that boring recitation of the activities of two over 50 year olds, you are probably so bored you are looking for a pillow, blankie, and a quiet place to sleep.

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