Monday, August 8, 2011

Too Cute Running Shorts and Too Sore Pinkie Toe

Once again the kind folks at Kohl's sent me one of those delightful $10 off cards...
and I am not one to look a gift horse in the mouth so I clutched the card  in my hot little hand and traveled to my local Kohl's.

Just look what I found on the clearance rack.

Cute, cute pink running shorts.  But let's go in for a close-up and look at the clearance price.
Eleven dollars and 20 cents!  Pretty good.  But once you subtract the $10 off card, my too cute shorts were $1.20!
Ignore the circled area that says that I saved $26.80.  Like I would really pay $38.00 for running shorts.  Also, no tax because it was Tax Free Weekend here in New Mexico. Woo!  Woo!

But I may never get to wear my too cute running shorts for the intended purpose of running.

Last Tuesday, while cleaning my house, I stubbed my baby pinkie on my right foot. The jury is out on whether or not it is broken.  I have limped around for almost a week and, of course, I cannot run.

Now I had got my running up to six miles every other day.  Now, I'm just sitting around waiting around for my pinkie toe to heal.  And, may I say, I am not a very patient woman.

I have decided to call a doctor and try to get in to see him since my pinkie toe screams in pain every time I try to put on my running shoes.  So running is out of the question.  Maybe I'll get a HoverRound and do my laps will riding it and wearing a large, floppy hat. Just like any other old Memaw.

And, maybe someday I'll get to use my too cute running shorts for running.

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