Tuesday, August 9, 2011

She'll Look Sweet, Upon the Seat

Yesterday I filled you in about my injured right pinkie toe. MEDICAL UPDATE:  My pinkie toe stills hurts.  I do have an appointment with a medical professional to see if it is indeed broken or just jammed up.  

(Jammed Up?  Sounds like the name of a 70's dance show. Can't you just see it.  Bell bottoms. platform shoes. But I digress.)

Because of my injured right pinkie toe, I have not been doing my daily run.  So after a week of not running, I was beginning to feel like a slug on a couch.
Don't I look attractive, lounging around.

So, in order to fight my inactivity, Danny and I decided to go for a little bike ride last night.  Good plan.  Only problem I have probably  not been on a bike since  was child.  I had purchased one in a fit of fitness (otherwise known as F o' F) but had rode it less that 2 blocks.

So last night we pulled out the ole' bikes.

To begin with, the ground is much farther down then it used to be and I do not bounce as well as I used to.  So I was a little frightened that I might get to meet that ground up close and personal. 

And guess what...I did.

Those are abrasions on my knee.  While trying to keep out of the car driving lane, I ran my bike into a guard rail on the road near our house.  While technically I did not meet the ground, I was still injured and I was not happy.

Let's all pray that my injured right pinkie toe heals quickly.  I need to keep my feet on the ground at all times.
Or Danny and I  could resort to this.

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