Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It's the Little Things

Yesterday I wrote about how I was going out to my old school and helping one of the fourth grade teachers.  Well, today was my regular day to volunteer.  I walked in and a little girl said...

But first, last go back a few years at Christmastime. For my Christmas present that year, Danny gave me a  lovely string of pearls with matching earrings.  I LLLOOOVVVEE them. Anytime I leave the house I wear my pearls.  My pearls have visited the grocery store, Home Depot, and church.  So, of course, I wore them to the school when I went to help.

So back to the current story.  As I walked in, a little girl ran up to me with something in her hand. This was a student that I had helped  with addition the day before.  She asked if "they were like mine."  I looked down. She had a dime store version of my necklace in her hand.  She wanted to wear a string of pearls like I wore.

That was a sobering moment.  At this point, the putting on of my pearls is automatic.   I don't give it much thought.  When preparing to leave the house, I change my clothes, comb my hair, and put on my jewelry, including my pearls.  No thought. 

But this seemingly small thing seemed to make a impression on this little girl.  She wanted to emulate me. 


If the little ones are watching inconsequential things like jewelry they are also watching how the big people in their lives act.  How they act when someone cuts them off in traffic.  When the clerk has trouble with the cash register.  Or when that same clerk gives them too much change.

They are watching.

All the time.

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