Friday, August 19, 2011

Some Things Never Change

So this week classes started at New Mexico State University.  Our house is within spitting distance of the campus so I have seen the fresh-faced students running around town.  And seeing all those new students reminded me of when Danny and I were college students.

Way back in the 70's, when Danny and I were on the Murray State University campus, we would sit around in our bell bottoms, long hair, sideburns and mustaches (well, Danny had the sideburns and mustache, not me)  after a long day of studying and talk about how wonderful life would be after we graduated and went on to our "real" life.  We would have so much more time, what with no studying, research papers, classes, etc.  We would just go to work, which would take about the same amount of time as going to class, and then our evenings would be ours.  It was going to be great.

And we graduated.  We got jobs.  We had a kid.  We had to take care of a home.  We had bills. Responsibilities. Suddenly studying, research papers, and classes didn't look so bad.

But one thing that has been consistent since our college days.

Danny and I like to fight.

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