Wednesday, August 17, 2011

There"s More Than One Way to Be Green

I am not the best at recycling.  Danny and I do separate out coke cans from the regular trash to be recycled.  And we do save our newspapers to take to the appropriate recycling bin.  But that is about the extent og out recycling efforts.

Oh, I almost forgot, we do use the cloth bags at the groceries.  But, in all honesty, not because it's good for the environment but because I bought cute bags. 

But I have found another way to reuse what could have been another addition to the landfill.

I recently visited the Restore and found these cabinet doors in search of a home.
It's a little difficult to tell in this picture, but they are white wood with glass fronts.  Also the handles are to cute. They are white with little pink flowers.  I did take a picture but it is so blurry you can't tell if it is a pink flower or some kind of sea creature so we will just skip that picture, okay?

I had the idea to make some kind of wall art of these doors but that was about it until I spied these in my back bedroom.

There are "lace like" dollies that I bought at Dollar Tree about 10 years ago.  Inspiration struck!  And that inspiration didn't hurt much.

I would cut the dollies to fit my cabinet doors and staple them to the back.

But then I realized that when you put them against the white wall you couldn't see the lace!  It just faded into the background.  So, I stapled some wine colored fabric on the back over the lace.
Why, look at those too cute Santa scissors that just happened to be lying there!
Then I flipped them over and look what I had!
After Danny put the little picture hanging thingy on the back we hung them over the bed in the back bedroom.
How cute are these! The cost?  Seven dollars each for the cabinet doors. Nothing for the lace since I already had it.  Two dollars for the fabric.  Sixteen dollars total.

Maybe I'll become so green I'll have to purchase a Prius!

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