Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Kids Remain the Same

Over two decades ago, I decided that I wanted to do something to change the future. I knew I would never probably find a cure for ANY disease.  I never would be an elected official that would change laws.  I seriously doubted that I would head some big philanthropic group that would give millions to the needy.

But I could teach.

So I returned to school and acquired my degree in Elementary Education and, with my brand new degree in hand, starting teaching.

And I felt I was making a difference.  I was teaching small children to read and putting the hope of higher education in older students minds.  I was opening their minds to how much plain FUN science and mathematics can be.

And then No Child Left Behind hit the scene.

And the fun stopped.

Suddenly the art of teaching was overshadowed by the science. Time was spent on testing and testing and testing.  There wasn't time for opening minds.  No time to talk about higher education.  No time for the fun in science and mathematics.

So I retired.

But recently I have been helping a fourth grade teacher at my old school with some of her students that need just a little extra help.

And guess what?

I have discovered the fun in teaching and I am loving it.
It is the kids.


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