Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Bridge to Memories

When Baby Susan was married about 13 years ago, my parents made the long trek from Kentucky to New Mexico to see their only grandbaby married.  After the wedding madness was over, my dad made (at my request) a bridge for my backyard.  Yesterday I took this picture of that bridge.

 It is looking a little worse for wore but it is still usable. I have used it accent my yard for 13 years.  But while it is a beautiful accent in my lovely? (notice the sand) backyard it's more valuable as a bridge to memories.

For example:

This is Miss Emily (my oldest grandbaby) rocking a fierce look on the bridge. You got to love her pose.

Not to be outdone, I present Mr. Jacob.

He is sporting the ever popular striped polo with sweats look.

A few years later we have this.

Typical brother and sister pose.  Mr. Jacob is making a face and Miss Emily is threatening to pour her Coke over her brother's head. In this photo, Miss Emily is in about third grade and Mr. Jacob is maybe in first grade.

Miss Emily is now in sixth grade and Mr. Jacob is in fourth grade but the memories remain.

And, maybe, someday I will have pictures of their children on that old wooden bridge my dad made.

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