Monday, March 7, 2011

Of Strawberries, Cows, and Chicken

So, a little birdie (Mom) told me that after my post Strawberry Fields Forever a concern was expressed (Dad) about the size of my garden and the difficulty of finding farm implements small enough to work in my garden.  Let's just let that little birdie do a flyover of my garden, shall we?

I think I see something in that garden.  Shall we have that birdie go in for  a closer look?

Why, that looks like....can it be...A TRACTOR!  I am so excited.  Maybe our birdie can get closer without scaring those cows.

Look, a tractor with what appears to be seeder attached to the back.  Maybe it is a manure spreader.  Hard to tell but I am leaning to the seeder only because I have been around a manure spreader when it was working and that smell is something you will never forger.  And I have not smelled that particular aroma.  But wait there is something in the background.

Cows!  Just by the appearances of those cows this farm either produces milk or Chic-Fil-A.  I mean just look at those cows.  
Really, just look.                                         
Dairy Cow
  Hey, I got milk, strawberries, and maybe chicken coming from the same garden spot.  Yeah for ME!
I love you, Dad.

Epilogue: As that little birdie was leaving the garden area he made a cruise around the tomato plants and guess what he saw?

Yes, those are blossoms on the tomato plants.  Bring on the jalapenos, it'd almost salsa time!

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