Friday, March 11, 2011

My Strange Addiction

Excuse me. Quiet down, please.  Umm... Could I please call this meeting to order.

Meeting? What meeting you say. This is the meeting of my closest interwebby friends where I make an important disclosure.  A disclosure that may change your world forever.

I. Memaw, am an addict.  There I said it.  And you might say, "You, Memaw.  Not you.  You are a paragon of goodness and right living."

And you would correct except...when it comes to the devil....

Yes, Diet Coke.  I am addicted to Diet Coke.  I recently realized that I was drinking 6-8 bottles, cans, Route 44's of Diet Coke daily.


This is a sordid that began long ago.  I first started down the Diet Coke road with an innocent looking little pink packet.  You know Sweet n Low. The gateway drug.

It started with little pink packets in my ice tea.  You know, just a little to make it taste better without those pesky calories involved with sugar.  I was trying to loose those post pregnancy chubs. It was perfect.

And then in 1982, Coca-Cola introduced Diet Coke to the mass market.  I started off small, just one on the weekends or on special occasions.  But once I got the taste I wanted more.

Once I started teaching, it seemed I needed more and more because of the stress, you see.  It grew from one a day to two and then more.  Until last week I realized I was drinking 6-8 bottles a day.  I was out of control.

So Saturday I decided to had decided to give up diet coke. I decided to quit cold turkey. No more Diet Coke.

  Saturday night my husband posted this as his Facebook status
Memaw had decided to give up diet coke. She thinks she is addicted to aspertine. I feel like I am living with Charlie Sheen during his first day in rehab.
 That sort of tells you how I was acting.  
It is now Thursday night and I am craving Diet Coke like nobody's business.  

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