Thursday, March 17, 2011

To Creep or Not to Creep

So, when I turned on my computer this morning it was all over the internet (at least the sites I read.  Which may or may not be fashion forward) that Prada had come out with a new shoe called Prada Creepers.

Allll righty then!  Supposedly this is in response to "hooker heels".  The fashionistas say that they are tired of tottering on high heels and this is the answer.
Are you ready for the kicker?  They are $795!  And they are selling out!  And people are on a wait list for this shoes!

And why you may ask.  Well Lauren Sherman a writer for may have the answer. "It doesn't matter that they're ugly and not sexy because they're Prada." Okay, I have been known to pay too much for a piece of clothing but at least it was cute.  These are not cute.

But wait, maybe I have been a little hasty in my judgment.  That last particularly colorful pair might look handsome with a jacket that Danny used to own.  Let's see...

what do you think?  Should I take that jacket out of mothballs and buy Danny a pair of $795 Prada Creepers to wear with it?

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