Thursday, March 24, 2011

Kmart Fashion. Yes or No?

 So, Kmart is continuing it's venture into fashion by introducing it's Spring and Summer line.  Take a look at this linc...
Kmart goes boho slide show

Okay, it has possibilities. The styles are a little young for this 56 year old Memaw but my granddaughter could rock some of those looks.  I like the reptile looking dress and shoes but with my upper arms looking the way they do it is better if I wear a 3/4 length sleeve or at least elbow length.  Sometimes the older you get the more you need to cover up.

But , oh my word, the shoes!  Those shoes are to die for!

The white jacket and peach shell are cute.  If the shorts has about four inches on them they could work.  (See note about covering up more the more years you have,)  I like the military look of the jacket and it could work with fact the peach shell and the jacket would look great with jeans.  They would also look great with the new longer capris in blue.

The prices reportedly are going to range from $12.99 for tops to $29.99 for full length pants. And with prices go up for gas and food this makes this seem is better.  I am not a clothes snob.  I've been known to wear a $10.00 top with $79.99 pants. (Don't tell Danny about the pants.  It's our secret my internet buddies.) The prices will be right but...

 my major concern with Kmart fashion is quality.  I would have to see these pieces without the benefit of the expert lighting and staging that is taking place in this slideshow.  With the correct lighting and staging you could make, even me look like a 30, okay maybe 40 year old diva.

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