Thursday, March 10, 2011

Go, Dog. Go!

Last Tuesday was Dr. Seuss' birthday and I got to thinking about favorite Dr. Suess' books.  One that was Baby Susan's favorite was....

Go Dog. Go! is the adventures of various dogs told in the way only Dr. Suess (okay, P. D, Eastman) could. This is the tale of how dogs are interacting in this fictional world. This was one of Baby Susan's favorite books.  She especially liked the part, "Do you like my hat?" Let's take a look.

 These two dogs have similar exchanges throughout the book.  But it all  ends with a dog party at the end of the book.

That is some party going on in that tree. But the part that Baby Susan liked the best was when the poodle asks about her party hat. The poodle asks, "Do you like my hat?"  And the other dog replies, "I do, I do, I do like your party hat."

Perhaps that was what led to this.
Baby Susan is weraing her attractive party hat!

Epilogue: For you younger readers, Baby Susan is wearing plastic pants.  Back in the olden days when babies wore cloth diapers, plastic pants were put over the cloth diaper to avoid the inevitable leaks.  I also think she fancies herself a baseball player.

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