Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Random Thoughts From a Random Mind

Random thoughts for today.

1.  Yesterday I returned to school after my two week Spring Break. Going back just solidified my decision to retire.  Yes, after 22 years I am hanging up the ole' whistle and chalk (or whiteboard marker).  While I have enjoyed teaching it is time to move on to something else.  What else?  Who knows, maybe I'll be a lady of leisure and live off my husband.
 2. Today, I got a tooth filled.  I know, exciting news!  But the question I have is why does the shot hurt more than the filling?

I mean just look!  That needle looks like one you would use for a horse not a human being!  Could that be the reason?  Surely in this modern age of dentistry we could find a more humane way of numbing my precious pink gums.

3.  I have decided that the chances of me spilling ice tea on my pants increases when I wear white pants.  I have proof with the stain on my white capris.  And just for your information, school hand soap will not remove tea stains from white capris.

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