Monday, March 21, 2011

Parents Or Pizza

So, I was cleaning out a closet and look what I found...

Some explanation \may be in order.  This is from Baby Susan's Kindergarten year. (Remember Baby Susan is now 33 years old. This is sort of an old piece of artwork.)  They were studying Thanksgiving, hence the hat on the person (who I assume is Baby Susan) to the right.  What?  You don't recognize a Pilgrim hat when you see one.

And for what was Baby Susan thankful?  Was it her family? No.  Was it her home? No.  Was it even her pet? No.  Baby Susan was thankful for Peter Piper Pizza!  The red and green represents the awning that was iconic at our local Peter Piper Pizza.  The rather funny looking thing in the middle is the play equipment that Baby Susan really enjoyed at Peter Piper Pizza.

I can only imagine what went through her Kindergarten teacher's head when in the midst of a class of students saying that they were thankful for their parents, their homes, or pets,  Baby Susan was thankful for a pizza parlor.

She did sort of make up for the parental slight with the following art work...
Looks just like Danny.

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