Friday, March 25, 2011

Little Cabin in the Woods

So, Josh and Baby Susan have taken the grandbabies on many fabulous trips, I think the ones they may enjoy the most are to this...
MommyGran and DaddyGran's cabin!

What's not to love?  In addition to the spoiling of grandparents there is the spoiling of GREAT GRANDPARENTS. What kid wouldn't love that?

They get to eat out every day. Their every whim is attended to.  They can watch the Cartoon Network all day AND all night if the want.  They get taken to the mall and glorious things are bought for them every time.  They can ride the four wheeler, the bush hog, and in the cart.
But perhaps their favorite thing to do is fish.

And fish.
And fish.

And maybe pick a tomato or two or three or more.
Maybe they aren't really Texans.  Maybe they are really Kentucky kids.

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