Friday, October 28, 2011

Alabama Has Jobs

In general I steer away from all things political on this little blog but recent events in Alabama have had me chuckling.

Many people think that immigration issues are simple.  Stop the illegal immigration and all those jobs that are being taken by illegal immigrants will open up for the jobless Americans. Alabama enacted a tough immigration law that has had unexpected results.  Or should they have been foreseen.

Well, maybe.  Stephen Colbert says it better than I can in this video.

While Stephen Colbert says it with a good deal of humor the basic fact is still there.

Americans want jobs, but jobs that don't involve the backbreaking work that illegal immigrants perform.

Illegal immigration from Mexico is a complex issue that I do not have the intellectual abilities to solve.  But I do know that if I were living in Mexico with the excessive violence that exists there today, I would take my children and cross that Rio Grande and go to America.

And picking tomatoes in the sun would be a small price to pay for the safety of my children.

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