Friday, October 7, 2011

The Song Remains the Same

Several weeks I wrote a post about my father and I used this picture.
This is, of course, me and my dad. But after writing that post I got to looking around the house and that seems to a favorite pose in my family.

Exhibit A:
Baby Susan and with what appears to a drug dealer.  No, no, no that's Danny sporting his long hair, beard, and transitions glasses so popular in the 70"s.  Makes you wonder how he EVER got hired out at White Sands Missile Range.  Oh wait, he was hired while he was still in the Army and sported the short hair that made every military type in the world stand out during the long hair hippie days of the 70's.  As soon as he was discharged, the beard started and the hair got long.

Exhibit B:

A much more cleaned up version Danny with Miss Emily about 20 years later than the above picture. In those 20 years, Danny seemed yo find a pair of clippers for his beard.  Fortunately he also managed to trim his hair.

Exhibit C:
Although the pose is a little different, the sentiment remains the same.  This is Joshua and Miss Emily.

In all these pictures, if it is father and daughter or Pepaw and granddaughter, the love shines through.

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