Saturday, October 22, 2011

Penguin in Sweaters, Who Would Have Thought?

Several years ago, Danny Dearest, Baby Susan, and I made a trip to Australia.  And while I have many wonderful memories of our trip there, the one that stands out is the Fairy Penguins.
Apparently, every night the Fairy Penguins, or Blue Penguins as they are called in New Zealand, would waddle ashore to return to their burrows for the night.  Wave after wave of the little creatures would come ashore as the oceans crashed on the beach.  I remember sitting on the beach with the penguins waddled within a couple of feet of me.  It was a delightful experience!

And then I read this story about Blue Penguins.  These are the same penguins that I had seen in Australia.  According to the story, the penguins were in danger from an oil spill.  The oil covered the little darlings and they were unable to preen and keep warm.  A call was put out for knitters to create little sweaters for the penguins and this was the result.

These are actually from a knitting call in 2005 but the result is the same.

As cute as those Fairy Penguins had been on the bench, these have them beat!

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