Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Marcel the Shell with Shoes On

In my career as a teacher I have had a hermit crab or two and while I have paid attention to the actual crab I really never gave his shell much mind. But someone else did. And they created Marcel the Shell with Shoes On.
Marcel with Alan

Marcel the Shell is a shell that wears shoes.  His hat is a lentil and he gets his adventure from hang gliding on a Dorito.

Guess what he uses for a beanbag? A raisin.

One time he nibbled on some cheese and his cholesterol went up to 900.

Guess what he uses to tie his skis to a car?  A hair.

Guess what his skis are?  The toenails from a man.

His one regret in life is that he never had a dog.  But sometimes he ties a hair to a piece of lint and drags it around.  The lint is named Alan.

Here is a little more about Marcel the Shell with Shoes On.

How cute is that?!  And rumor has it (according to the very reliable internet) a book deal is in the works.

I can't wait.

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