Saturday, October 8, 2011

Romeo and Juliet Meet the Grandparents

Love comes on a young person hot and heavy.  You think about that person day and night.  All you want is to be with that person all the time.  It's roses, candy, and romantic thoughts.

But real love brings in the newspaper on winter mornings.  Real love balances your checkbook.  Real love worries about the money because you stink at money.  Real love brings you a burrito on Sunday morning while you read the paper.  Real love fixes your computer.  Real loves sits through all those reality shows you love.  Real love turns the bed down every night and turns on the heated mattress pad in the winter so that it has time to warm up. Real love accepts your obsession with shoes.

Real love makes all the hotel reservations, accommodations for a rental car, and hunted out the good restaurants. Real love has google earthed all the roads to see which ones are best.  Real love has researched all the fun attractions.  Real love does all this so that you can trip-trap through your vacation like a wood nymph with no cares. 

So let the young'uns chase after that romantic, Romeo and Juliet love.  I'll take real love every day.

But, just so you know, we do have a little Romeo and Juliet in  us also.

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