Monday, October 17, 2011

We Akways Treat You Right

Danny Dearest and I met, in all places, a Burger Chef  in Mayfield, Kentucky where we both worked.  His Burger Chef was much more successful than mine.  When he was made manager, I quit. 

That action sort of set the tone for our whole relationship. 

But he can never say he wasn't aware of what he was getting.

But this commercial is from about the time Danny Dearest and I were sparking back in Kentucky.
You've got to love the girl sitting on the roof of the local Burger Chef singing away.  One couple who apparently rode their horse to get the burger fix.  And where was OSHA when those kids were riding piggyback on a bicycle?

And you have to wonder how many of those lovely young children happily eating their fast food burgers and fries or now suffering from obesity, heart disease, and diabetes?

We always treat you right.

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