Thursday, October 13, 2011

Maybe a Band-Aid Would Help

You help your little baby onto their first riding toy when they are one. You follow them, looking out for every danger as they ride out into the world.
Yes, that is Baby Susan and me.  She is riding her giraffe.

Later, they graduate to a tricycle.
Not everyone can rock an oversize Binn's hat like Baby Susan.
They will ride anything to get that feeling of speed. Even a carnival train in the desert.
Choo!  Choo!

Sometimes they can talk a grandparent into helping them keep moving.
Baby Susan and DaddyGran hit the road.

But there comes a time when they are about 16 that nothing will do but a car.  So the parents buy her one and hope for the best.

And they have their first automotive boo-boo!

Do you think a band-aid will help this fender!

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