Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Diabetes...Bring It On

On the running with diabetes front, there has been a breakthrough!  A major breakthrough!

As you may or may not remember, I have been having problems with my blood sugar levels either crashing or going through the roof when I am running.  I had tried cutting back mileage, added gel blocks, and improving my hydration.  Still had problems.

I was feeling defeated.

Could diabetes be beating me?

But then Danny Dearest reminded me of something that a nurse friend told us about when were in Nicaragua.  She had suggested Extend Bars for Danny Dearest  for his long distance bicycle rides.  But she also said that might help me when my glucose is spiking. Danny Dearest suggested that I give them a try. That's why I keep him around.

So I drove in my little yellow car to Walgreens and picked up a box.
I am currently eating one abut an hour before my runs and my blood sugar levels are remaining consistent during my runs.  I still check my levels every 2 miles to be sure and carry glucose tablets with me in case of a crash, but for now, this is working.

So maybe that half-marathon is in my future after all.

And to my enemy my dust.

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