Wednesday, October 26, 2011


so, as most of you reading my little blog know, I have been teaching preschool at my church two days a week and it has been a blast! I am loving every minute of it! Nothing like 4 year old preschoolers to remind you of why you went into education.

But there is a side of the preschool that fills me with fear and trepidation every day.

The church alarm system.

You see, on the days that I teach I am the first person at the church building so the responsibility of turning off the alarm falls on me. Can anyone see a flaw in this plan?

Well, one glaring flaw is that I have ZERO experience with alarm systems. My idea of a home alarm system is a small, loud dog.
He would scare me! 

So you can see the whole idea of punching in a code was beyond me.  But I thought I had mastered the fine art of code punching...until...yesterday.

I walked into the building and punched in the code.  Nothing.  I entered it again.  Nothing.

And then an ear-splitting alarm sounded and sounded and sounded!
This isn't me.  I am much, MUCH older.

 I ran outside, naturally, and the alarm was still ear deafening outside. And what is the least productive thing you can do in a situation like this?

That's right.  I resorted to panic.

I could just see every police car in Las Cruces squealing into the parking lot of our church with weapons drawn to catch the desperado who was breaking into a church.  I would probably wind up on Cops.
Bad boys! Bad Boys watch ya going to do?
I attempted to call Mr. In-Charge-of-the-Alarm.  I couldn't reach him. Panic is growing.  So I tried to call him again.  Still couldn't reach him. Panic completely took over and I resigned myself to my life behind bars.

It turns out the alarm company was calling him to tell him, guess what?  That's right, the alarm at the church was going off. Mr. In-Charge-of-the-Alarm assured them that it was not a church burglar but probably just a preschool teacher and not too send in Las Cruces' finest Boys in Blue.  I was spared a life in the slammer.

Eventually Mr. In-Charge-of-the-Alarm and I connected and he very patiently walked me through turning the alarm off.  We managed to have a very nice preschool class that day.

And I will be practicing my code punching skills.

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  1. Whew, I am glad I don't have to do that anymore. Only once did the alarm company come out and that was once too many